Test Laboratory

In Hundsarabotnur tests are made of stone, broken stone and asphalt. A lab technician works at the test laboratory and carries out tests for Landsverk as well as for private customers. With the equipment that the laboratory has it is possible to classify the broken stone and stone in the same manner as is done in other neighbouring countries.

Broken Stone and Stone Tests
The following tests are carried out on broken stone and stone:

• Sieve Analysing Test
• Density Test
• Los Angeles Tests
• Nordic Ballmill Test
• Flakiness Undex

Asphalt Tests Marshall test:

• Marshall Bulk Specific Gravity
• Compact Gravity
• Voids in Mineral Aggregate – VMA
• Voids Filled with Bitumen - VFB
• Voids in Asphalt – VA
• Fill
• Marshall Flow - F
• Minimum Marshall Stability – S
• Density Test mg/m3
• Binder Content with Ignition Oven
• Sieve Analysing Test

Bitumen Tests
The following tests are conducted on bitumen:

• Softening Point: Ball and Ring
• Penetration