Lighthouses and Sailing Routes

Landsverk has supervision over 61 lighthouses across the country. The supervision includes organized inspection of the lanterns, the optic section, the lighthouse itself, and power supply.

Ever since 1948, when Landsverk was established, the institution has administered “lighthouses, marking and sailing routes” in the Faroes on behalf of the Danish Maritime Sector. The task is first and foremost to secure open and safe sailing through sounds and fjords. The area of responsibility includes both supervision and maintenance, making sure that the lights in the line of lighthouses are functioning and together with the Danish Maritime Sector advise both the government and municipalities. In addition to this, we own and rent out light buoys for temporary marking when new building or reconstruction takes place in Faroese harbours and waters.

Supervision and Maintenance of Lighthouses

Together with lighthouse keepers (in most cases this is the harbour master), the lighthouse inspection is organized in such a way that all the lighthouses are routinely checked at least once a year. The lighthouse keeper has the responsibility of daily care and maintenance, for example the changing of light bulbs, cleaning of lenses, painting and dehumidifying. We see to it that the lighthouses function according to lighthouse lists and international regulations. Larger repairs and changes on lighthouses are always done in cooperation with Landsverk.